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Full Course Discount
Discount for Booking a Full Course

Here at Kevin Breen in reward for Pre-Booking and paying for a full Course of 40 hours we offer a special price of £934.00 this includes the first 4 hours at £17.50 an hour if you are a total beginner. 

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This course is designed for total beginners, as the DSA says it takes an average learner between 35 and 45 lessons to pass the modern driving test.  Kevin Breen School of Motoring can't guarantee you passing your driving test and don't believe any driving school that say they can. So to that end what we will do is teach you to drive in as short a time as possible to test standard and beyond as we believe that you need to be better than test standard to pass, and if this takes you less than 40 lessons we will refund any money owed, but if you require more, then these will be charged at the discounted rate of £24.00 an hour.


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